Volkswagen Vow

What’s the Volkswagen Vow?

It’s a commitment to quality and service that starts when you begin your shopping experience – even at the “just-looking” stage – and ends… well, ideally it never ends! We’re committed to earning lifetime customers through a beginning-to-end car ownership process that makes you feel like your needs and concerns are being considered and taken care of – because they are.

At Jack Ingram Volkswagen, we start by providing you with an informative, user-friendly, and up-to-date website for when you begin your preliminary vehicle research – and we strive at every turn to only improve upon your experience from there. Our sales team takes more pride in listening than they do in smooth-talking, and our service department is second to none when it comes to getting your car in tip-top shape for the road ahead.


What’s everyone’s gripe about dealerships? That they’re taking you for a ride – the bad kind. We turn the stereotype on its head by offering you fair prices on everything from used cars to a routine oil change. A quality product at a price that makes sense – That’s what we pride ourselves on.


If you can’t enjoy yourself while shopping for a new car, perhaps you’ve been looking for your match in all the wrong places. It happens. But one of our favorite things at our dealership is to see our customers smile and get excited about a new feature or option, or get that gleam in their eye when accelerating on a test drive. Let us show you what car shopping is supposed to be like.


Yes, we sell fast cars – but that’s not the only thing that moves at impressive speed here at our dealership. While we’ll never rush you, we’re also not about to waste your time. From financing to getting you in and out of our service center, we step on it.


We Stand Behind Our Sales and Service

The bottom line for us at Jack Ingram Volkswagen is that we want our customers to be happy. While you shop, while you drive, and about the entire experience you have with our dealership and service center.

If there’s anything we can do to help you with your automotive needs here in Montgomery AL, please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for you. From our inventory of efficient and well-equipped new and used cars to our dedicated service center, we strive to be your trusted resource. Click around our website, give us a call, or stop in soon!